Spotlight Interview with Jacqueline Evans


I am so pleased to have the lovely Jacqueline Evans here for a blether

Hello Jacqueline and welcome to the spotlight, 


 I already know what an absolutely fascinating person you are but please tell everyone a little about yourself and what inspired you to write Nostra Dame?


Why, thank you kindly, Kerry and thanks for inviting me to take part in this interview. I was born in Birmingham and lived a pretty ordinary life until a near-death in the nineties turned everything upside-down. It was after that when life started becoming a little extraordinary. As if all of my senses went into overdrive, I began to ‘hear’, feel, see and dream things that hadn’t yet happened. Whenever I tried to share my experiences with those closest to me, I was somewhat ridiculed and sometimes ‘friends’ commented that I was away with the fairies! I have always been a straight-talking kind of person and was often left feeling hurt by the way others saw me. The last thing I am, is airy-fairy. Fast-forward a few years and the information began to snowball so much that it could no longer be ignored. I set about making notes of all the phrases, songs and random names that I would hear. When it became apparent that I was getting jigsaw pieces to serious crimes and world events, I knew I had to stick at it. I never claim to have solved a murder (the police do that) but in all honesty, I have passed-on the pieces to the puzzle many times. After searching the world to find someone similar, I drew a blank but felt sure there had to be others. Perhaps they were struggling to make sense of it, as I had; that’s what made me want to write the book. As well as that, it was a story that simply had to be told.


 What do you like to do to relax? Any hobbies?

Well I always seem to be busy and rarely get chance to relax but when I do, I like to watch junk on the telly - anything that doesn’t require too much thinking about. Sometimes at weekends, I watch Homes Under the Hammer, on back to back,all day long! My favourite hobbies are gardening and sewing – both these pursuits make me feel totally at peace with the world. My family is also very important to me and I love when the grandchildren come over and I get to feed everyone!


Tell us about a typical writing day?


I don’t really have a typical writing day though am continually trying to be more disciplined where this is concerned. When I wrote Nostra Dame, I would be writing from early in the morning until past six in the evening. That was too much! Now I write when I feel like it. I’ve just started blogging and hope to keep on top of that with regular posts.

 Who are your literary heroes?


After many years of not reading, my passion for books was thankfully reborn after publishing my own story. In the space of two years, I have acquired many favourites such as Angela Marsons, Caroline Mitchell, Mark Tilbury and K.L. Slater but there are so many more that I could also mention.


 Did you enjoy reading as a child? If so what book do you remember enjoying the most?


I loved reading as a child! As one of four siblings, I’d be the one holed up in my bedroom with my Enid Blyton collection. I read them over and over. The Malory Towers series by the same author was also a firm favourite. Oh and Charles Dickens! How could I forget Dickens? As a teenager, the book I enjoyed reading the most was Lord of the Flies, by William Golding – absolute classic!


 What book are you currently reading?

Currently I am reading Those That Remain by Rob Ashman and it’s bloody brilliant!


7 What are you currently working on?


A follow on from Nostra Dame is in slow progress and after that I plan to write a third book about my life. Not too sure on the details but ideas are quietly ticking over in my brain.



 If you could go back and give your thirteen year old self some advice what would you say?


I’d say Jacqueline, don’t be swayed by others; trust your instincts girl!


 When Nostra Dame is adapted into a movie, who would play you?

I like your optimism and certainly hope Nostra Dame gets made into a movie! I’d love that! Now let’s see? …..Suranne Jones would be a good one for a TV adaptation. I love the gritty characters she plays. As for the big screen, I’m not too sure who would play a younger me but the character known as the Oracle, from The Matrix would make a great, older version.

The way she bakes cookies, puffs on a cigarette and predicts the future as if she’s talking about the weather, always makes me smile.

9. Finally, tell us something about you that very few people know?

Oh horrors! Do I have to? O.K. here goes: I have an aversion to aerosols such as deodorant and hairspray and I’m extremely allergic to hair dye. I love hashtag games on Twitter, was once on a ‘housie’ programme with designer, Linda Barker and I sometimes eat crisps in bed!


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