I am beside myself with excitement to have the lovely SR James on the sofa with me this morning

Welcome to my new spot where i want to highlight exciting new writing talent and first up i would love to introduce you all to Sylvia Rose James. Sylvia writes her own brand of hot romantic fiction under the name SR James but she also has a secret!

Hello Sylvia, welcome along and thanks so much for joining me this morning and congratulations on your debut Hotter Than Fiction which i have to say made me blush more than once. I know that this isn't your first experience in writing though is it? How much can you tell us about that?


Hi Kerry and thanks for inviting me

I can confirm i have written very succesfully in the past but SR James is my pen name and my other crime fiction work i keep very separate from my journey into erotic fiction. I don't want reader downloading on the basis of my name alone. I would rather they judge the work on it's own merit. Maybe one day i will come clean. Might even do the big reveal here who knows.


That would be so amazing but for now i promise. My lips are sealed. Tell me what made you decide to tackle this emerging market in women's fiction?


I might have to correct you there. I'm hoping that Hotter Than Fiction will appeal to men as well as women but yes i get what you're saying kerry. I personally enjoy romantic fiction, always have and enjoy it more when inhibitions are cast aside. So it was a challenge i set myself and loved every minute of it.


For those that haven't read the book yet tell us what is it about?


Hotter Than Fiction is the story of Katie Brogan who has to rush back to her home town after the sudden death of her father, Nate. This is the same town she fled after the end of her marriage to Dylan. She is dealing with grief and has to cope with the feelings created by seeing him and his gorgeous brother Jack again. But which one does she choose, you have to read the book to find out.


What is a typical day in the life of you as a writer like?


The writer in me never stops. If i'm not writing, i'm thinking about writing. I have several notebooks with matching pens scattered everywhere. I'm a little OCD in that i like to keep the same pen for each particular notebook. Crazy i know but it just helps somehow.


Not at all! Everybody has quirks. Do have a daily or weekly target in mind when you're writing?


Not really but if i do about 10,000 words i'm happy with that.


If you could talk to any author, living or dead, who would it be and why?


I would love to meet Shakespeare and be the one to tell him. You know what Will, you've done ok Man! Your work lives on. Kudos to you!


I'm sure he would love that! Finally what's next for SR James?


I am currently plotting out another romantic novella to warm the heart of even the most cynical reader. Hopefully readers will be able to download that one early next year.


Many thanks for coming along this morning. If you want to know more about the lovely SR James please follow the links below and i will see you all next time...