Book 3

24. Jan, 2020

Chuffed to bits to say publication day for Her Secret Past went brilliantly. Averaging 4.7 stars on Amazon and it's also available to read free on Kindle Unlimited. I'm happy with that. The bottle of bubbly was delicious and disappeared faster than it should have. I regret nothing. Looking forward now to more exciting adventures to come in 2020. Watch this space!

26. Sep, 2019

Today sees book 2 in the Jessie Blake series published. 

She lays her baby in his cot – the sound of his quiet breath filling the nursery as she leaves the room. Soon Claire will be fast asleep herself. She won’t hear the back door opening or the footsteps on the stairs.

When Claire Lucas is woken by her husband asking where their baby son is, she is dazed and confused. When she follows Darren into their child’s bedroom, she hears nothing but silence. No baby cries, no cute gurgles. The only thing left in Finlay’s cot is his beloved teddy bear. Finlay has gone.

Detective Jessie Blake rushes to the family’s modern home in the rugged Scottish Highlands. She notices that Darren avoids eye contact, and Claire seems disconnected – unable to account for the last few hours of her afternoon. Jessie knows there’s no normal response to losing a child, but something doesn’t feel right.

Friends rally round the young family, as a search of the narrow lanes and green hills of Moncrieffe begins in earnest. And as helpers battle the wild Scottish weather, Jessie is sure that someone in the search party must know more than they’re letting on. Someone must have seen something.

As a ghost from her own past comes back to haunt her, Jessie must put aside her own personal tragedy to save baby Finlay. Can she get the people of the small town to talk before it’s too late?

If you love Cara Hunter, LJ Ross and Robert Bryndza, you’ll love this addictive new crime thriller from Kerry Watts. Her Missing Child will have you hooked from the start! Available to download now.

25. Apr, 2019

Flynn has spent the day shadowing his author mum as part of take your child to work day 2019. He's done my admin, my social media and learned to make a fabulous brew. I set him the task of writing me a short story and i'm proud to share his efforts here -



“Shoot him, Shoot him!” shouted Nicolas to Twan.

“I can’t, my gun is jammed!” Twan yelled back.

“Well, at least back me u…..!”

BANG! Nicolas was shot and brutally taken from this Earth by two enemy warriors.

“Nooooooooo!” screamed Twan at the top of his lungs as he ran over to a bleeding Nicolas. “Cowards!” he roared, sobbing, at the enemy warriors as they ran off. Twan pulled out his hologram phone to get in contact with fellow warrior Lindsay.

“L…Lindsay, Nic go…t shot!” Twan sobbed as he thought he was talking to Lindsay.” “Lindsay…”

There was a brief silence on the hologram as gunshots were fired nearby until four massive gunshots came in Twan’s direction. He ducked behind a very broken but yet stable wall. After that event there was another brief silence, apart from the distant but yet very loud gunfire, until someone started talking to Twan, but Twan knew for sure that it wasn’t Lindsay. To Twan the voice sounded some what Scandinavian. He then kept on listening to the men that, it turns out, weren’t even talking to him, they were talking to Lindsay. He was being held captive by three men. Then Twan started to hear something like kicking or punching noises and then a scream which Twan thought could’ve been Lindsay. The call then ended abruptly as Twan began to hear another scream from further away. He started to realise that Lindsay was closer than he thought. Twan ran to where the screams of Lindsay’s helpless voice came from through all the bullets being fired back and forth from apposing sides. After running for a couple of minutes Twan came across an abandoned warehouse. He walked slowly over to it and opened a really beat up door to enter the building. He didn’t see anything until he heard an even louder scream than before. He walked past a dirty curtain acting as a wall and saw the gruesome torture of his fellow warrior and dear friend Lindsay.

“Oh my god” Whispered Twan to himself

He peaked through the curtain again to see two of the men punching Lindsay in the stomach really hard and the other man was just standing there watching the beating. Suddenly the man looked up and made eye contact with Twan and started walking towards the curtain.

“Oh god” Twan whispered to himself yet again.

He turned around to run away but a fourth man was standing there holding up a pistol in Twan’s direction.

“No” Twan said to himself as he knew he was going to die. BANG...


I hope you enjoyed that. Now I can look forward to his questions......




7. Jan, 2019

I am so thrilled to share that book 1 in my new crime series set in Scotland is now available to pre order

13. Sep, 2018

So excited and fit to burst to tell everyone i have been signed by the wonderful Bookouture to write 3 brand new crime novels. First book due to be published on April 1st followed by book 2 in August and book 3 in December. This series will be set in beautiful Perthshire. A place i know well.